C A P E   T O W N   A M A T E U R   R A D I O   C E N T R E





Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held in the Clubhouse

at the Round Table Community Centre, Chess Road, Rondebosch

on 23 July 2001



Proceedings opened at 20.05 when the Chairman, Bud, ZS1B, extended a warm welcome to members and visitors, an especial welcome being accorded to Hal, ZS6HCH. Silent tribute was paid to the late Arthur, ZS1LI, and all the other Hams who had gone “silent key” during the year.


Attendance figures, as reflected in the register, were: Members 35. Visitors 5.


Apologies for absence were received from: Angus, ZS1ZF; Bob, ZS1AFE; Colin, ZS1CA;

Dennis, ZS1AU; Derek, ZS1DAL and Tony, ZR1T.


The constitutional requirements for convening the meeting having been met, the latter was declared properly constituted. Proposer: Tony, ZR1AEB. Seconder: Ron, ZS1RON.





The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 24 July 2000 were read and confirmed.

Proposer: Mike, ZR1HO. Seconder: Theo, ZS1JM.


There were no matters arising.





In presenting the report of the Administrative Subcommittee, the Chairman opened with a few remarks, for the benefit of the newer members, about the composition and functions of the Subcommittee. Warm appreciation was expressed to both the Secretary, Robert, ZS1AAN, and the Treasurer, Dudley, ZS1DB, who would not be standing for re-election. The Chairman’s kind sentiments were endorsed by the meeting.


In a masterly review of the many activities and events in which the Club had been engaged during the year, Bud paid tribute to the Activity Convenors and other members who had been involved, mentioning most, if not all, by name. Members noted with regret that Bernie, ZS1BW, would not be standing again as editor of Ragchew.


The Chairman’s summary of the report is included as an annexure to these

minutes. (Annexure A).







Copies of the Financial Report were distributed and a further copy is attached as an annexure (Annexure B) to these minutes.


The Treasurer, Dudley, ZS1DB, expressed appreciation to Dennis, ZS1DTM, for examining the accounts and went on to give a brief summary of the report.


Items enlarged upon by the Treasurer included the amount of R400 received from the sale of equipment, and the subsidy of R900 paid towards the cost of the very successful S.A.R.L. Annual General Meeting. New items of expenditure had included the cost of a Club banner and the annual subscription to the R.S.G.B.


Two matters to which the Treasurer paid particular attention in his summary were the footnote to the report, relating to an estimated amount of  R2700.00 in proceeds from R.A.E. lectures not accounted for, and the purpose of the Club’s Repeater Fund. The latter, the Treasurer said, to general applause, should be guarded carefully.


Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Allan, ZS1AAX, seconded by Tom, ZS1TA, and carried without dissent. Thanking the Treasurer, the Chairman said that Dudley’s tight control of the Club’s finances would be missed.


A vote of thanks to the Hon. Auditor, Dennis, ZS1DTM, was proposed by Robert, ZS1AAN,

And carried by general applause.





The Len Wells Ham Spirit Trophy was awarded to Herman, ZS1HZ, for his exemplary services in connection with repeaters and the running of training classes. The presentation was made by the Chairman.





Chairman: Prior to the election of the Chairman, Bud, ZS1B, stood down and Allan, ZS1AAX, assumed the chair.


Bud Voortman, ZS1B was proposed by Barry, ZS1FJ, seconded by Tony, ZR1AEB and, there being no other candidate, was duly elected. Bud then resumed the Chair.


Hon. Auditor: Dennis, ZS1DTM, was proposed by Bud, ZS1B, seconded by Bernie, ZS1BW, and duly elected.


Secretary: Tony, ZR1T, having indicated his willingness to stand, was proposed by

Tom, ZS1TA, seconded by Theo, ZS1JM, there being no other candidate, was duly elected.


Treasurer: Barry, ZS1FJ, proposed by Ron, ZS1RON, seconded by Des, ZR1DES, and carried.


Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Andrew, ZR1IR, proposed by Tony, ZR1AK, seconded by

Barry, ZS1FJ. There were no other nominees and Andrew was duly elected.

Activity Convenors:


The following Activity Convenors were elected:-


Sports Communications: Tony, ZR1ARK. Proposer: Davy, ZR1FR.

Seconder: Bernie ZS1BW.


Special Events: Tom, ZS1TA. Proposer: Davy, ZR1FR. Seconder: Deon, ZR1DQ.


RAE Training: Herman, ZS1HZ. Elected by universal acclaim.


Emergency Communications: Andrew, ZR1SBM. Proposer: Tony, ZR1AEB.

Seconder: Max, ZS1MAX.


Public Relations: Dave, ZS1DFR. Proposer: Dennis, ZS1DTM. Seconder:

Tony, ZR1ARK.


Homebrew Projects: Matt, ZS1MJJ. Proposer: Theo, ZS1JM. Carried by popular acclaim.


Web Master: Deon, ZR1DQ. Proposer: Barry, ZS1FJ. Carried by popular acclaim.


Advisory Assistance in RFI and Antenna Legislation Matters: Deon, ZR1DQ.

Proposer: Ron, ZS1RON. Seconder: Tony, ZR1ARK.


Ragchew Editor: Deon, ZR1DQ. Proposer: Theo, ZS1JM. Seconder: Des, ZR1DES.





The Chairman read out a letter from Colin, ZS1CA, moving that Item 9 of the Agenda was unconstitutional. Colin’s motion had been seconded by Pieter, ZR1B. Bernie, ZS1BW, had, however, been informed by Colin that the term “unconstitutional” in his motion was a mistake and should have read “undemocratic.”


Dudley, ZS1DB, pointed out that the Constitution could only be changed by a Special General meeting. It was thereupon decided that Colin’s proposal should be handled by the incoming Committee. Proposer: Tony, ZR1ARK. Seconder: Tony, ZR1AEB. It was agreed, further, that a suitable letter should be written to Colin.





There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting Closed at 21.55.









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