C A P E   T O W N   A M A T E U R   R A D I O   C E N T R E





Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held in the Clubhouse

at the Round Table Community Centre, Chess Road, Rondebosch

on 29 July 2002



Proceedings opened at 20.05 when the Chairman, Bud, ZS1B, extended a warm welcome to members and visitors. Silent tribute was paid to all the Hams who had gone “silent key” during the year.


Attendance figures, as reflected in the register, were: Members 22. Visitors 1.


Apologies for absence were received from: Peter ZS1PT, Dudley ZS1DB, Tom ZS1TA, Tony ZR1T, Colin ZS1CA, Dennis ZS1DTM, Andrew ZR1SBM, Gerald ZS1GRM, Buddy ZS1MP and Des ZR1DES.


The constitutional requirements for convening the meeting having been met, the latter was declared properly constituted.




The Chairman’s summary of the report is included as an annexure to these

minutes. (Annexure A).




Copies of the Financial Report were distributed and a further copy is attached as an annexure (Annexure B) to these minutes.


The Treasurer, Barry ZS1FJ, expressed appreciation to Andrew ZS1AN and Bud ZS1B for their assistance while he was overseas. He mentioned that the Committee was considering the purchase of additional second hand equipment to make the Centre more self-sufficient for Field Day and other special event stations.


Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Allan ZS1AAX, seconded by Tony ZR1ARK, and carried with acclaim. The Chairman, Bud ZS1B, said it had been a pleasure having Barry as Treasurer and thanked him for having set up a good financial system.


A vote of thanks to the Hon. Auditor, Dennis, ZS1DTM, was proposed by Barry ZS1FJ, seconded by Andrew ZS1AN and carried by general applause.




The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23 July 2001 were read and confirmed.

Proposer: Tony, ZR1ARK. Seconder: Tony, ZR1AEB.


There were no matters arising.




Ron ZS1RON proposed that John Howard Green be appointed Honorary Auditor for the coming year. Since John was not present to accept the appointment it was agreed that the incoming Committee will attend to the matter.




The Chairman, Bud ZS1B explained that there had been two deserving nominations for the Len Wells Ham Spirit Trophy. After considerable discussion the Committee had decided to award it to Matt ZS1MJJ for the assistance that he gave to many amateurs over the past year.


The following trophies were awarded by the Chairmen:


Buck Taylor Club Participation Award – Theo ZS1JM

The “Floating Wellie” for Faithful Attendance – Hugo ZS1HSF

The CW Novice Award – Andrew ZS1AN

For Faithful Participation in Special Events – Geoff ZR1GFT

Most Proficient Pile-Up Operator – Ron ZS1RON




Chairman: Prior to the election of the Chairman, Bud, ZS1B, stood down and Allan, ZS1AAX, assumed the chair. Bud Voortman, ZS1B was proposed by Tony, ZR1AEB, seconded by Allan, ZS1AAX and, there being no other candidate, was duly elected. Bud then resumed the Chair.


Vice Chairman: Matt ZS1MJJ  was proposed by Geoff, ZR1GFT, seconded by Alan ZS1AAX and elected unopposed.


Secretary: Peter, ZR1PH was proposed by Andrew, ZS1AN, seconded by Dave, ZS1DFR, there being no other candidate, was duly elected.


Treasurer: Barry, ZS1FJ, proposed by Andrew, ZS1AN, seconded by Dave, ZS1DFR, and elected unopposed.


The following Activity Convenors were elected:-


Public Relations: Dave, ZS1DFR. Proposer: Bud, ZS1B. Seconder:

Peterl, ZR1PH.


Ragchew Editor and Web Master: Deon, ZR1DQ. Proposer: Geoff, ZR1GFT. Seconder: Max ZS1MAX.


Emergency Communications: Andrew, ZR1SBM. Proposer: Matt, ZS1MJJ.

Seconder: Michele, ZR1MCB.




Colin ZS1CA had submitted a proposal that the Constitution be amended to remove the requirement that Other Business to be discussed at the AGM must be notified to the Secretary in writing 21 days before the AGM. After considerable discussion the matter was put to the vote. Those in favour: 3. Those against: 12. Accordingly the motion was not carried.


A Raffle was held. All members of the Centre who are also member of the SARL were entered. The prize was that the winner’s SARL membership would be sponsored by the Centre for one year. The winner was Errol ZR1EJL.




There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting Closed.











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