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The CTARC administers various Club-Specific and Non-Club-Specific awards and trophies.

CTARC-Specific Awards

These club-specific awards are only available to CTARC club members, excepting committee members

The Buck Taylor Floating Trophy
Davey ZR1FR (left) receives the Buck Taylor trophy from Rob ZS1SA at the 2016 AGM

This is the CTARC's highest award. It is awarded for outstanding merit. Buck Taylor set out the rules of the trophy in 1991, stating:

The recipient:

  • Must be a paid up member of the CTARC but not a committee member;

  • Shall have demonstrated tangible encouragement to individuals and/or groups with or on behalf of the CT branch and shall have shown evidence of meaningful support and/or personal involvement on behalf of the branch or any of its members;

  • Shall have represented the branch officially, including contests and competitions, in any field connected with Amateur radio and/or the CT Branch.

The Club Participation Award
Rob ZS1SA displays the Club Participation Award

This award is for a member who eagerly participates in organized club activities and events and sets an example in their enthusiasm for these events. Members of the committee are not eligible for this award.

The trophy for this award was originally donated by John van Schalkwk and given to any outstanding CW operator in his first year as a ZS callsign. As Morse code is no longer a legal requirement the award was converted to the Club Participation Award in 2014.

The Wellie Award
Tony ZS1TK (left) receives the Wellie award from Rob ZS1SA at the 2016 AGM

This award was begun in 1993 and issued for best attendance at club events, through rain, storm, hail, snow and bitter cold!

Miscellaneous Awards

The club has two undesignated trophies that are sometimes used as special awards such as a homebrew award, contest achievement award or as an award to someone who gave assistance to the club above and beyond what is expected.

Non CTARC-Specific Awards

These awards are available to CTARC members, but not exclusively so.

Sports Communications Award

This award is presented to a deserving member of the Sports Communications group upon recommendation of that groups’ committee as and when deemed appropriate.

The Len Wells Ham Spirit Trophy
Ettienne ZS1AX (left) receives the Len Wells Ham Spirit Trophy, on behalf of himself and his XYL Yolanda ZS1CX, from Dennis ZS1AU at the November 2016 CTARC End-of-Year function

This fine trophy is awarded anually at the November End-of-Year Function to a deserving person who has demonstrated "true Ham Spirit". It is open to members of any Amateur Radio club in the Western Cape. It was first administered by Dennis Wells ZS1AU, in memory of his father Len Wells, one of Cape Town's original radio amateurs.
From 2018 onwards, the award is presented under new rules of the CTARC Committee.

A list of the LWHST recipients is here.