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Non CTARC-Specific Awards

The Len Wells Ham Spirit Trophy

Above: A gathering in 2017 of past recipients of the LWHST.

Below: A list of the recipients through the years:

Year C/Sign Name Note
1967 ZS1IM /SK Ray Alexander  
1968 ZS1VN /SK Mac McClure  
1969 ZS1FM Jack Meerburg  
1970 ZS1CK /SK Fred van Niekerk  
1971 ZS1-021 /SK Reg Baker  
1972 ZS1-001 Muriel Alexander xyl ZS1IM
1973 Not awarded    
1974 ZS1BF /SK Willy Wilson  
1975 ZS1DZ /SK Ossie Carstens  
1976 ZS1CZ /SK Alie Tronson  
1977 ZS1UD Ulli Dehning  
1978 ZR1DQ Deon Erwin now ZS1ZL
1979 Not awarded    
1980 Not awarded    
1981 ZS1BW /SK Bernie Crockford  
1982 ZS1SG Dave Perry  
1983 ZR1FR Davey Smeda  
1984 ZS1VP /SK Buck Taylor  
1985 ZS1AN /SK Adriaan Vervoort  
1986 ZS1YS Hughie Young  
1987 ZS1MH /SK Mollie van Mollendorf  
1988 ZS1AN /SK Adriaan Vervoort  
1989 ZS1BW /SK & ZR1FR, Bernie Crockford & Davey Smeda  
1990 ZS1ABO /SK Bob Opperman  
1991 ZS1AAQ /SK Ben Bennett  
1992 ZS1SG Dave Perry  
1993 ZS1ABO /SK Bob Opperman  
1994 ZR1HO Mike Schumann now ZS1FP
1995 ZR1ACL Hugo Friedmann later ZS1HSF /SK
1996 Not awarded    
1997 ZS1HJH Hans-Jurgen Holbein  
1998 ZS1B /SK Bud Voortman  
1999 ZR1TT Tony Beckett  
2000 ZS1ZF /SK Angus Mc Donald  
2001 ZS1HZ Herman de Kock  
2002 ZS1MJJ Matt Greyvensteyn  
2003 ZS1AN Andrew Roos now ZS6..
2004 ZS1DFR Dave Reece  
2005 ZR1PH Peter Henochsberg now ZS1PMH
2006 ZS1RIC Richard Brown  
2007 ZS1AU Dennis Wells  
2008 ZS1YT Rassie Erasmus Tak Boland
(First year award became open to all clubs)
2009 ZS1AYJ Terry Cotton Oakdale.
2010 ZS1FW /SK Noel Futter CTARC
2011 ZS1PS /SK Tom Cooper FBRECC
2012 ZS1SA Robert & Anne Bareham CTARC
2013 ZS1ZD Nick Curwell CTARC
2014 ZS1BL Danny Blanckenberg CTARC
2015 ZS1S & ZR1GW Paul & Glynis Johnson CTARC
2016 ZS1AX & ZS1CX Ettienne & Yolanda Vosloo CTARC
2017 ZS1FZ Fred Ziss CTARC……
50th YEAR & last presentation by ZS1AU
& now under new rules of CTARC committee.