CTARC Downloads

From time to time one of our guest speakers makes their prepared work available for distribution to promote knowledge in our hobby. The following files and software are available for download. They have been provided by club members and the CTARC is not responsible for their content.

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CTARC History

Our club has a proud history, one of the longest-running amateur radio clubs in South Africa.
Here is an ongoing document, updated as new recollections are recorded.

History of the CTARC

The CTARC History Blogspot starts here.

Blank CTARC HF Log Sheet for ZS1CT

Blank CTARC HF Log Sheet for ZS1CT

Blank Radio Logbook compiled by John ZS1JNT

Radio Logbook

Another PDF about Battery Charging and Calculations by Lem ZS1LEM

Short Vertical Antennas
by Klaus ZS1QO 2004-04-26

Intro to constructing efficient Very Short Vertical Antenna


Test Program

Coax Trap software, in zipped format,
described in Ragchew 2006 Sept/October.

Software to calculate Coax traps

QO100 Transponder Output Frequency Calculator/Spreadsheet ZS1PT

A MS Excel spreadsheet to work out where to transmit on the QO100 satellite transponder and where it will output on the other frequency.
Kindly provided by Peter ZS1PT 2020 December

QO100 Spreadsheet