CTARC Newsletters

The CTARC publishes a members' newsletter called Ragchew every second month (and sometimes in-between as well). These are e-mailed to members, and snail-mailed to members without e-mail. Ragchew can also be downloaded as a PDF file online.

The CTARC newsletter "Ragchew" is ably assembled and edited by the club secretary, Anne.

We encourage our members to contribute to Ragchew with news, articles and also items for sale or swop.
E-mail your contributions here.

The deadline for submitted articles is the 10th day of the month.

Advertising in the Swopshop section of Ragchew allows colour photos to be shown, numerous details to be listed and prices can be mentioned. None of that can be done when advertising on-air in the Sunday morning "Swop-Shop" bulletins.

Recent CTARC newsletters are archived on the CTARC blogspot here.

Newsletters from 2011 to October 2014 are here