Morningstar Remote Base Station

CTARC members have available to them the Morningstar remote-controlled base station, which has been in operation since April 2018.

This project was the creation of Fred ZS1FZ, who has most generously made it available to CTARC members.

The high power HF station with VHF capabilities is located up on a hill at the Morningstar airfield near Durbanville. It can be controlled directly via the internet.right from a club member’s home computer, using free software, It opens up the world of long distance ham radio communications with efficient dipoles and rotatable Yagi antennas. There is even an app for controlling Morningstar via a (Android) smart phone!

This is another good reason to join the CTARC. Contact our Club Secretary for details on how to join up and use the Morningstar remote controlled base station.

Latest news about the remote base station on the CTARC blog here.

A spreadsheet for calculating the input and output frequencies on the QO-100 satellite transponder, which can be reached from the Morningstar station, is here.